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Journey Ryan

Psychic, Tarot Reading, Psychic Medium, Love & Relationship, Other Psychic Advice


The Mainstream Medium


Psychic, Psychic Medium, Love & Relationship, Life Coaching, Financial


Sherry The Mystical Goddess

Psychic, Tarot Reading, Love & Relationship, Life Coaching, Financial

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Celestial Tarot

Psychic, Tarot Reading, Love & Relationship, Other Psychic Advice, Financial


Sacred Goddess

Psychic, Tarot Reading, Psychic Medium, Love & Relationship, Life Coaching


Libby Cherry

Psychic, Tarot Reading, Love & Relationship, Other Psychic Advice, Life Coaching

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About Us:

Speak with our Psychic Practitioner about everything metaphysical. My Psychic Connection was built by world-renowned psychics who have been doing readings all of there life's. In the last 6 year's they have been sharing their gifts with more of the outside world here on My Psychic Connection. By doing so they have been able to help those in need of answers. Along, our path we have come across many wonderful psychic, healer's, and mediums from all walks of life. With all of those answers at the tip of our fingers, we created My Psychic Connection. A place where you could get your answers without judgment in the privacy of your own home. My Psychic Connection wanted to help as many people as we could by doing this. My Psychic Connection has made it possible to put them together in one place just for you.


Journey Ryan,

Journey, is my go to. He is reliable caring and accurate. He has been reading for me for more than 2 years and has never wavered. He has become a friend I can go to and someone I look forward to speaking with. I’m not always patient but he is and he looks at things from a different lens to help me grow through my experiences. Highly recommend him! - Kathrine 


Sacred Goddess,

I called in because I was in need of answers and Sacred Goddess was amazing! I am in awe of how accurate she was! Moreso, she knew all about Twin Flames, which I am one, because not many psychics know about Twin Flames! Her guidance was very insightful and so helpful! Plus, her sense of humor is awesome! I'm very grateful and will definitely be calling back and highly recommending her to all of my friends! Thank you! <3 - Debbie



Psychic Taylor,

Psychic Taylor was excellent. Once I gave her my birthdate should took off and ran with 100 accuracy. Every person name I gave her she described them and their situation to a tee. I was truly impressed. She was able to tell me about past relationships for myself and for my sister in law. - Denmond



Journey Ryan & Sherry The Mystical Goddess,

Journey Ryan and Sherry the Mystical Goddess are both my favorite and go to! I just have to say; Sooo Spot On!!! I'm am so very grateful for the readings they have done for me over this year! It's so much more than I could of asked for and the details were Ahhhhmazingg!!! Thank you both for the many confirmations). Thank y’all for giving me so many specific details of where I am in my life at this particular moment and where I am going and I'm so overjoyed at what is coming up for me!! You guys have given me so much hope for my future and so much joy, guidance and something to look forward to! Many blessings:))) - blueanglxxxx



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