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           How to get free minutes for your feedback.

If you have had a psychic reading on our website, and this has been within a weeks time you can earn free minutes to go towards your next reading. These minutes can be used to talk with any psychic of your choice. Now, these Feedbacks will be looked at to make sure they are in our guidelines, and that is to see if they have been within the one-week time frame and if the phone call was made on the system. 

How to get free minutes for feedback!

Gifts of Faith,


Faith is 10 stars all the way. Always tuned in and everything she sees comes to fruition... I love this sweet and very accurate lady.



Journey Ryan,


Journey was spot on with his timing. He is Amazing!



Journey Ryan,



Journey is my go to. He is reliable caring and accurate. He has been reading for me for more than 2 years and has never wavered. He has become a friend I can go to and someone I look forward to speaking with. I’m not always patient but he is and he looks at things from a different lens to help me grow through my experiences. Highly recommend him!





India was so accurate with time frames and details on our previous readings. For example while awaiting to hear back from a job I had interviewed for she said I would hear back that the delay was actually due to the fact they were giving me a higher position. That is what happened, I got a call back saying they wanted me for a different position with a higher title. I do wish she would come back because I could sure use some clarification on my love life. She is awesome!



Insights by Sandra,

Sandy is very ethical and honest. She doesn’t sugar coat things or tell me what I want to hear. She has predicted correctly in the past for me.



Sacred Goddess,


I called in because I was in need of answers and Sacred Goddess was amazing! I am in awe of how accurate she was! Moreso, she knew all about Twin Flames, which I am one, because not many psychics know about Twin Flames! Her guidance was very insightful and so helpful! Plus, her sense of humor is awesome! I'm very grateful and will definitely be calling back and highly recommending her to all of my friends! Thank you! <3



Psychic Taylor,


Psychic Taylor was excellent. Once I gave her my birthdate should took off and ran with 100 accuracy. Every person name I gave her she described them and their situation to a tee. I was truly impressed. She was able to tell me about past relationships for myself and for my sister in law




Clairvoyant violet,


She look left me on hold for 2.36 minutes to meditate. I only had 4 dollars in my account.



Journey Ryan & Sherry The Mystical Goddess,

Journey Ryan and Sherry the Mystical Goddess are both my favorite and go to! I just have to say; Sooo Spot On!!! I'm am so very grateful for the readings they have done for me over this year! It's so much more than I could of asked for and the details were Ahhhhmazingg!!! Thank you both for the many confirmations). Thank y’all for giving me so many specific details of where I am in my life at this particular moment and where I am going and I'm so overjoyed at what is coming up for me!! You guys have given me so much hope for my future and so much joy, guidance and something to look forward to! Many blessings:)))




Journey Ryan,



Journey is my GO TO! He is amazing and always Spot ON in his predictions. I consider him a good friend and has always led me in the direction towards the best outcome. Thank you Journey!




Psychic Taylor,

Taylor is so engaging and so accurate. I highly recommend her. She was on point and you can tell she genuinely wants to help provide you with solutions. I'm so grateful for her.





He was horrible, wasted time asked too many questions.



Gifts of Faith,

Faith is amazing and has proven extremely accurate for the past year and a half. Everything unfolds just like she sees it! This lady is the best! 10 stars



Trinity Black,


I found Trinity Black to be very helpful. I love her soft voice as she speaks, & I love the connections she makes with her own past as she speaks with me. She even describes how she uses her skills towards helping us. I recommend taking notes as you speak with her, so you can remember the details she shares. Those details go a long way. Definitely speak to Trinity Black, perhaps more than once.




Your very talented and I enjoy listening to ur show. This site offers many talented Psychics. 2 thumbs up




She has been right on point for me since day one when I met her through the Journey show. You keep up the Great work I am seeing everything unfold just like you said and waiting impatiently for the upcoming events to come. People check her out she is very good at what she does.




Chana is amazing! She is compassionate and caring and never fails with her readings. She is an angel!



Psychic Valen,

She was sweet picked up on my situation and seemed to really connect. Highly recommend her



Spoke to Rose said everything is good with this guy but you will meet someone else. I called her to days later. Said he will contact you but you need a healing. Kept saying I need a healing. And call her back when I can add more time. I feel now she just tells you what you want to hear for the money.



Advisor Faith,

She’s amazing and has been correct with her predictions thus far. I recommend her!



Advisor India,

Is an awesome and compassionate reader. Love her.​​



Advisor mainstream medium Michael,

amazing accurate and great on timing of issues great doctors bedside manner for sensitve issue with empathc understanding 





Advisor Kim,

What an amazing experience. She is so much more than a psychic. She doesn't just read your cards she gives you advise on how to make positive changes. *Warning* she goes deep and she's honest. You will love her. Like I do. Thank you Kim



Journey is AMAZING! I was stressed about not having work! He told me not too worry and that i should hear something this weekend about new jobs. Well, I did. I have two new jobs...Yay! He was spot on. Thank you my friend, you are truly gifted. I recommend talking to Journey for accurate and calming predictions. He is AWESOME!



Sherry is an amazing psychic. I have had several readings with her and she is extremely accurate. I highly recommend Sherry as she is one of the best readers I have ever met, and I will continue to use her in the future whenever I need guidance with life questions.



I had a great reading from Bella. She was so on point with everything.I really enjoyed her energy and insight she was warm and very compassionate person. I hope to see her more often on the site. Please bring her back!



I have had a very pleasant experience using this service. However, recently I tried a new psychic by the name "Saber LaFaurie" and she was absolutely awful. I started by telling her my name and what my question was and she started asking multiple questions about the man I was inquiring about including his last name and what he did for work. After asking multiple questions and me answering she asked "So what do you want a reading on him?" I responded with a "Are you serious?" and she literally chuckled so I hung up on her. She wasted my time and was extremely shady. Wouldn't recommend her to anyone.



I love Journey and Michael. They are both extremely caring and accurate. Predictions have come to pass and I can't wait for future predictions to pass as well. They are the best!



Wow, Journey is amazing! his predictions are all starting to come to fruition. He is so accurate and just an outstanding gifted
psychic.He has also become a trusted friend. Thank you Journey



Dear Journey,

Journey is just amazing, always spot on with his predictions. I love his new site! He has an amazing gift and is so accurate. Absolutely phenomenal! Thank you Journey!



Dear Gifts of Faith,
I am so blessed for the insight you gave me on memorial weekend. You are absolutely in tune to the situation and people involved... 10 ******** to you! You are kind, quick, and don't fish for information.. You give what you see and trust it...Thank you for trusting your angels to give me what I need to hear....Phenomenal and accurate!

Blessings, C


Dear Journey,

Greetings Journey! Quick update: Back at the beginning of April you predicted things would excel at the end of May into June with the person I am interested in. Yes that has happened... No there were no boundaries crossed due to the current situation on his end But things are gradually unfolding the way divine delivers in perfect timing. Just thought I'd let you know. You are an amazing reader. Thank you! Blessings to you! Amla



Wow! First time calling and speaking with Sylvia and I am very impressed. She is very fast and detailed! She doesn't waste any time and is very much worth every penny! Very happy and I will definitely be calling Sylvia again! 10 stars **************

Thank you, Cindy



Had a reading with Esther. Was not happy with it. See went all around the world. Time and money is very limited. She talked about the many different tarot spreads that she does. I don't want to hear that. Just get to my reading. Don't try to sell me anything especially if it's on my time. Don't drag things out until the caller runs out of funds and have to call you back. Don't do that!!