January 2018

Aries March 21st - April 19th

2019's energy is another energy full of promise and joy. This points to happiness in general, but also carries the warning not to overlook the happiness already in your life in a quest for some elusive "perfect future." Live for today. Even with the implication that you may be overlooking some important cause for happiness which is right under your nose.  - Wisdom

The Ram

Taurus April 20th - May 20th

2019's energy points to a time when you are about to move from feeling not very secure into feeling safer. Whether it's because you've realized the time has come to reach out to others, or because you are beginning to see some concrete new prospects, this is a very good thing. In general, this says that in the recent past you may have felt "left out in the cold," as though everyone but you had everything made in the shade - but that feeling is passing. Your confidence should be beginning to renew now. Trust any reasons you're feeling for being upbeat.  - Conflict may happen if you don't trust yourself.

The Bull

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

2019's energy is about the need for focus. You are very likely to be easily distracted now. Do your best to do one thing at a time, and keep your mind where it needs to be. In general, this means that you either must work harder to keep your energy and mind from going off on non-helpful tangents; or that you need to give yourself a break from your usual routine. If it's possible, even a long weekend to recharge your batteries can help you come back renewed, refreshed, and more effective.  - Prosperity 

The Twins

Cancer June 21st - July 22nd

2019's energy indicates the importance of mind over matter and reminds you to focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want in your life. Its main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your - and everyone else's - highest good. Not only do you have the ability; you have the responsibility. So conquer your fears, control your impulses, and never lose patience with yourself or what you are doing. It's important now for you to make time to meditate and contemplate and spend some time alone even if you are in a committed relationship and have nineteen children! Do not allow yourself to spend time in preoccupation and fear. Outward things will be going all right but what is of the most paramount importance is keeping your head on straight.   - Loss can be again you just have to see it differently 

The Crab

Leo July 23rd - August 22nd

2019's energy still indicates feminine power and feminine energies; these are subtle, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. When she appears in reverse in your reading, it can indicate that you are placing too much emphasis on your masculine energies, and have a need to give attention to your feminine side. We all have both masculine and feminine energies inside. You may have the mistaken idea at your deepest levels that you are not very attractive. If you are feeling this way, give the matter some thought and recheck. You have things to offer on every level – give yourself some credit. The energy suggests that you need to get more in touch with the love and happiness that flows within you. Meditate.   - Transformation 

The Lion

Virgo August 23rd - September 22nd

2019's energy is very spiritual energy - often with sexual overtones. It can mean that the person is in a phase where he or she is going to be much more physically attractive to others. She is tied to the moon, to femininity, and to inspire. As it is tied to mars with strength and dominance. This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your conscious mind or intellect. Pay attention to your dreams. Synchronicities are likely now. When this energy appears also often represents a person that they will want badly; but whom they may not be able to get.   - Boredom don't let it get the best of you.

The Virgin

Libra September 23rd - October 22nd

2019's energy is a positive omen, but in general, you may be feeling a bit stuck. Know that with your time and attention, look at where you feel some blockages in life, and consider how you might act to remove those blocks and get the energy flowing again. Try to understand what is causing those blockages so that you can do something positive and constructive about them. Think it through thoroughly before taking action.  - Movement

The Scales

Scorpio October 23rd - November 21st

2019's energy is very much about "doing the right thing." You may be struggling with an issue and are unsure about what is "right" for you to do. Know that the answers are within you. Remember that the "right" thing is what is right for you also. This is also an energy that is very much about spirituality - everything from traditional religion to earth-centered spirituality and any other spiritual notion that you can conceive of. There may be tension between your idea of spirituality and the "right thing" and the ideas of others around you. Stand up for your own beliefs. The "rules" and the "system" of doing things are probably playing a major role now. Rituals of any sort will be helpful to you now, even if it's just "a movie with friends every third Saturday."  - Ambition 

The Scorpion

Sagittarius November 22nd - December 21st

2019's energy points to someone who is behaving with less than ethical intentions. It sometimes also means prying into someone's life where you don't belong. If you sense that someone is spying on you, you may be right. If you are tempted to dig through someone else's life (unless it is that of your minor child who has given you cause for concern), resist the impulse. Everyone deserves privacy. If you are involved in any sort of competition this month (formal or informal) you will want to keep a close eye out for any cheating. This can range from anything from someone cheating at a pick-up poker game to someone trying to frame you at work for something serious. The bottom line is basically to cover your tail, make sure you are doing things the right way, and then you'll have nothing to worry about, even if someone is out to get you.  - Success

The Archer

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

2019's energy generally shows a life or situation at a crossroads - one with only two options e.g. in or out, up or down, yes or no. This is not a time to attempt to control people, outcomes or situations, it is a time to look critically at yourself and your options, and to be deliberate in your progress. If you don’t know what to do, at all, it’s often a clear signal to do nothing. It’s possible that the time has come to let go of an outdated attitude, situation, or friendship. Think things through first, of course, but be aware that a sensible sacrifice made now of something that no longer works for you will open up your life to something even more positive than what you “let go of.” This energy particularly encourages you to not fight change.  - Recovery 

The Goat

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

2019's energy tends to be outer-directed, meaning that you tend to identify yourself by your outer accomplishments, without recognizing that who you are inside is of enormous value, regardless. No matter what happens in your life, it's important to know that your happiness and success is not built on one or even a handful of events. This is a time to consciously cultivate a positive attitude.  - Defense

The Water Bearer

Pisces February 19th - March 20th

2019's energy, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact, this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you've been through some difficulty. This refers to work, in an extremely positive way. Even if you don't work outside the home, it means that your efforts are seen, appreciated, and are well respected. Give yourself some credit.  - Illusions don't get caught up in Illusions.

The Fishes

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