Today's Outlook Jan 4th 2016

January 4, 2016

Outlook: A message is coming. In this instance, it may not be what you were hoping to hear.

You may need to study the body language of others, and consider how well you do (or do not) accept constructive criticism from others. You are likely to have a great deal of mental and physical energy now. Use it wisely.


Work: In relation to work questions, you may soon be dealing with some conflict at work if you are currently employed. If you're looking for work, you may need to behave with a great deal of humility in interviews to land the position you've been hoping for (but don't put yourself down.) Be cautious with contracts.


Love: In love questions? Know when to push and when to back off, many fights and discussions are not actually worth having (as long as your partner is treating you with respect.) Allow your partner to have his or her space. This is crucial for happiness. If you're unattached, get out and mingle. Love doesn't drop out of the sky by itself.


Finances: In relation to money questions, be careful to not assume you know more than you do. The skimming the surface of matters. Don't hesitate to ask for help from experts if there is even a chance that you don't quite know what you're doing with relation to money matters. Don't overextend yourself financially and assume you'll take care of it later. You'll regret it.


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