Why Relationships Fail...

April 20, 2016


Relationships are built on love, trust, respect, communication, Honest, and accepting the person you are with for who they are.  If you truly love a person you learn from them and feel in inspired by them. You giving support to them and seeing them for who they are and not what you are wanting them to be. When it comes to a relationship it is not all about sexual intimacy, it is about the physical and the emotional closeness. It is falling in love with the person over and over again daily, the more you learn about them and are with them. 

 The reason most relationships fail can be for several reasons, such as not upholding the basic above building blocks to the relationship. Another reason can be is because you’re allowing your ego to get the best of you and imparting negativity and unrealistic expectations on a person.  Negativity is insecurity and this can play a huge role in causing a relationship to come crashing down like a house of cards. If you are constantly trying to change the person you are with it is because you do not truly love or accepting them for who they are.  You can’t expect a person to be something they are not, much less expect someone to change for your benefit. 

 Relationships are about working together as a team that is how the closeness and the strength comes into the relationship.  Yes, people change in relationship for both the good and the bad, but it all boils down to personal responsibility as well.  If a person does not want to change they will not, especially if they are not ready to change.  To be perfectly blunt here there is no amount of complain, nagging or griping that is going to cause the change to happen anytime faster either. Only thing that does is add negativity and in some case cause more stress in the relationship to the point that the person doing the griping ends up being left because they are wanting to sweat over the small stuff and not just let things be. 

 When it comes to a relationship I would recommend bringing positivity in the relationship when it comes to the person you are with. Inspire them, encourage them and build them up, breaking a person down is no way to take a relationship if you are wanting a long term commitment.  Yes, there are going to be bickering and stupid arguments, but it is not pushing that factor to the point to point it blowups. You have to be patient and tolerant because sometimes even in a relationship the people involved may be on two separation stages. This does not mean they do not love you, it just means they need time to grow and mature. If you want to do nothing but act like you are a high school student and not an adult then you seriously need to look at your stand point on what you are wanting exactly. 

 I will tell you something else as well, if you are one of these people that likes to play games and hold back sex or other things until you get what you want, that is a good way to get left as well. Also, playing off your insecurities and making outrageous accusations is another. As I said before negativity and insecurity has no room in a strong loving committed relationship.  Most argue and thing start because people quit communicating about the important things in their life and in their relationship.  Only time an issue is not able to be fixed in a relationship is when one person or both are not willing to communicate and really get to the cause of an issue or situation.  You are going to have to be able to learn to put your ego and your personal feeling aside and look at thing from both prospective and not just your own.  Acting like a jackass will get you nowhere but being single. Then you are the only alone and hurting.  




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