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Psychic Tarot Of The Day

Psychic Tarot:   Balance


       “This card represents the need for balance and harmony with your inner life, as well as with what is surrounding you in the physical world. This denotes that some lifestyle adjustments are required at this time. It could be associated with love, relationships, business, or even your career. The Balance Card is also being shown to you to make you realize that what you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalization of an inner process of conflict that you may be currently experiencing. This card will often appear if you work in the legal field or when you are involved in law-related matters. Have faith that justice will triumph, as justice and karma go hand in hand. Take only what you have earned, treat people fairly, and do not take advantage of anyone – this is all part of living a balanced, karmic life.


When determining something, there must be a state of balance – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually – so that you can make rational decisions and logical judgements. This is a time to be honest and caring and responsible for the choices that you have made as well as the ones that will be made in the future.”


                                                                                                                                  --- John Holland,


“Traditional tarot archetype: Justice”


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