I Know...

September 8, 2016


 I know...

If you think I don't know your wrong. What you think I can't see your blind. When it comes to me asking you what is going and you tell me everything is fine I know your lying. There is a reason you hide, a reason you avoid, there is a reason for what you do. Just come to the truth, because when I find out on my own its that much harder. To know that I have a person in my life that can't tell me the truth. Why would I want this person in my life? why would I put up with something like that to know at any time you could hurt me? what you think I didn't know I do, and what you thought was hidden has been seen. Take a good look into these eyes because they will be the last you see them.
It will be the last time you hurt them, it will be the last thing you see how much you hurt me. I don't need pain like that in my life. So what I need to say is goodbye. I hope it was worth it...


                                                                                                                                                          -Journey Ryan

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