Happy Birthday Message For Those Who Are Born Today!!!

February 1st

Color orange Number 1, 10, 100 Stone chalcedony--sacred to the native americans, this gives you balance and grounds your grand plans Flora hydrangea Animal eagle Occupation director, producer, aerobics instructor Key Features original, buzzing, hot Naturally Good At strutting your stuff

Character: You're one-of-a-kind, and they sure broke the mold when they made you. You are humble and charismatic and have amazing electricity all around you giving off sparks to the unsuspecting public. If what you could be put in a bottle and sold, you would be staggeringly rich. Funnily enough you don't believe you are gorgeous. Come on wake up! You're delicious!

Life Path: It would be fitting for you to have a job in the public eye. You are kind and will take to anyone; you open doors for whoever is following behind and are exceptionally polite and courteous. So what are your bad points? You need to get more in touch with who you are and what you want and be aware that you have a strong effect on others.

Love: You will be adored and you need a partner you can look up to and respect as well as one who is always honest with you. you cannot bear secrets and like everything to be out in the open in your relationship. Why not lasso a Leo, whose ruling planet, the Sun, is your Birth date ruler?

--Michele Knight

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