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February 9, 2017

Michael is a Natural Sensitive, highly accurate Psychic Intuitive, and talented Clairvoyant who has been assisting clients worldwide for over a decade. Michael has been featured on several psychic networks and radio show programs, invited to give psychic readings to large social events, and known for his accurate, compassionate and deeply insightful sessions. Michael enjoys utilizing his talent to assist others in many areas of their lives such as relationship, career, financial, psychological, spiritual, and many other matters where guidance is needed. He claims that he can not "predict" the final outcome for his clients, in that in his mind no one's futures are completely destined by "fateful" circumstances. He can indeed reveal to you the likely outcome of situations based on one's current actions and choices but this can be changed in most circumstances in accordance with one's free will if a negative vision is foreseen. Michael is also able to guide clients in the development of personal psychic skills and in the use of practical magic techniques to manifest desired changes in one's life.


To call into the show call @ 319-527-6245


You can also find Michael @


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